Afinia H-Series 3D Printer

The Marble Machine

This is a piece that I've designed and fabricated for my niece and nephew, to give them a look into some basic engineering. They will receive it in 24 pieces, assemble it (each piece has corresponding numbers), And accidecntally learn something while doing it. Start 'em young!


Power Switch Replacement Part

So we broke an internal part to one of our dust collection power switches in the Arvada scene shop. The TD searched for about a month, but the replacement part we need is no longer available.

Power Switch He asked me if I could fabricate a replacement. Using my micrometer (since I don't yet have a 3D scanner), I was able to create an exact replica of the part. Which broke in the exact same place. So after a small engineering tweak, I printed out another part, installed it, and it works without flaw.


The broken part, pulled from inside the switch box.


The two pieces, side by side.


The final preplacement piece, ready to be installed.


Scrooge's Clock



For A Christmas Carol, we needed to be able to control the hands of a clock, making them do different things at different times. I had to create a piece to mount onto the back of the existing clock, which housed a motor and an Arduino Uno.


Note that a 9v battery holder was added to make the unit inclusive. two small posts off of the battery holder were used to attach a small perf board for the components, including the IR receiver and the MOSFET.