1929 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8

Starting, quite literally, from the ground up.

Beginning the frame up.

Now to try to find a set of matching wheels...

Wishbones and front wheels added.

Front bumper fabricated.

Driver's windshield frame, complete with dice.

Front wheels and bumper get mounted.

Hand-hammering the louvred for the hood.

Installing the louvred hood panel, and mounting the spare wheel.

Adding the hood.

Starting the fenders and adding the lights.

Adding the longs, sweeping line of the front fender, with a notch for the spare tire.

Adding the door, driver's cabin, and front of the salon. And a liberal dose of Bondo.

The ultra-swanky door handle.

Adding paint color #1.

Radiator taking shape, contrasting nicely with the paint color.

Paint color #2 being applied.

Starting to actually look like a high-end car!

A look at the incredibly classy interior!

Chrome at the division of color and on the running board.

The hood ornament and Original blue Isotta Fraschini emblem on the front. The original hood ornament is a winged man holding out a tire. Mine is a winged woman holding a large cheese wheel.

The smooth line down the driver's

side. (Yes, it's a right-hand drive.)

Rolling doghouse, but it worked onstage.

It's ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille.